The Grande Champagne region of the Charente is often referred to as the 'tuscany' of France!

Giving the region its name, the river Charente meanders through a valley of undulating vineyards, with the trading
towns of Angouleme, Jarnac, Cognac and Saintes were built on its banks.

In addition to its fame in the production of the world-renowned cognac, this region is rich in history and offers a
wealth of historical sites from the prehistoric stone dolmens to the roman ruins to mediaeval chateaux.

With its seemingly never-ending acres of vineyards, dotted here and there with white limestone hamlets and
churches it waits for you to begin your journey of discovery.  
Footpaths crisscross the landscape and offer endless tranquil walking routes.  
By bicycle too, take these paths, designated trails or the quiet farm roads, where you will hardly see a vehicle!
Bicycles rented locally will be delivered directly to you - we offer daily cycle itineraries and maps.

At the end of your stay, you will go home refreshed and with a lasting love of the